Women to Facebook: Stop banning our breast-feeding pics

Cnet: Now women around the world have decided to tell the site to grow up. They are staging protests in order to get Facebook to change its policies against breast-feeding pictures.

It was in 2008 that Facebook first seems to have gone around removing breast-feeding pictures from the site.

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C_Menz2323d ago

A few of my friends actually had this problem since Facebook would keep removing their photos of them breast feeding, and even those hat arent that revealing... And yet they still haven't taken down one of my friends pictures with a topless coked up lady in NY that's been up for 2 months.

BeastOrange2323d ago

Email those pics to people who want them or make them private. Do women not understand that a pic of them on Fb in a bikini or with a kid attached to boob can be used by ANYONE for ANYTHING! I personally don't want to see that, but I wouldn't toss a fit over it until my wall gets spammed by it!