Six hidden buttons make the split keyboard on iPad even sweeter

TNW writes: "I’m a huge fan of the split keyboard that was added to the iPad on iOS 5. I have to credit a friend with predicting this addition several months before WWDC actually, he specifically said “a split keyboard on the iPad would make me so happy.”

He got his wish and now I use it all the time to type with my thumbs in vertical mode. It makes it a ton easier to hold the iPad in two hands and still jot out short messa..."

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BeastOrange2424d ago

Anything that speeds up communication is something I am interested in. In today's society the speed of info is ever so important.

Sillyace922423d ago

That's actually a smart idea, although, most people wouldn't know about it, so that kinda makes it useless

Cat2423d ago

I've learned from watching my folks and in laws use tech that most features go completely unnoticed by them. You can even point them out/show them, and they may think it's cool but will only commit to memory their routine (rudimentary) tasks. Convinces me that this sort of stuff is only for those that care enough to hunt it down.