Foldable bike helmet lets you stash your headgear in your bag

Device: Everybody's been there before. Nobody wants to wear safety pads or helmets. Especially helmets. They mess up your hair, and can't even be stowed away without hogging up space. This bike helmet folds up and fits inside any bag. Problem solved!

Designed by Agence 360's Patrick Jouffret and in collaboration with engineer Philippe Arrouart, the "Overade" helmet ensures you have no excuse for not wearing a helmet to protect that skull.

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Sillyace922357d ago

This is a great idea, I've been biking a lot lately, less so now because of the weather but something like this would be very handy if I ever decide to commute while biking.

I hope one day, I'll be able to replace a car as my primary mode of transportation.