13 Windows 8 features worth knowing about

John Brandon, ComputerWorld:

"Upgrades, system migration, support headaches -- IT folks are probably dreading the next major Windows rollout. Yet Windows 8, which is scheduled to move to the beta stage in late February and will likely launch in the fall, does offer several compelling new features for both IT and end users."

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fatstarr2357d ago

Nice a rehash of things we know.

TheGamingArt2356d ago

This website lists that ribbons are a plus. For those who aren't tech savy, Ribbons use up a shit load of resources, memory, processing, and for anyone ANYONE who has used them they are highly over complicated addons. I wouldn't see how anyone would calls their ribbons a success when they are just pretty over complicated unnecessary resources that hinder a working environment. As being in the IT profession, we hate ribbons!

TheGamingArt2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Also, the boot in 8 seconds is hard to believe. That's Unix speed.