Time to update copyright law?

William Patry, CNN:

"On the first day of every year, works of art whose term of copyright has expired enters the public domain. This year's class is particularly strong, as the novels of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf are now free of copyright protection. If you ever wanted to stage a puppet show of Joyce's masterpiece "Ulysses" or set Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway" to music, now is your chance."

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Serg2421d ago

Copyright laws, along with all the other intellectual property protection laws and patents have to be reformed entirely. Especially the patent system which was flawed from the get go. IBM holds a patent for a black-hole generator... So if somebody is to invent one now, they have to pay IBM for it, or even surrender their technology to IBM, beyond ridiculous.

Availability of older entertainment media, like music, TV shows, movies or video games is very limited at best. Particularly video games from the '80s or '90s are very hard to come by, some even impossible due to specific hardware requirements, that is, if you want to stay within the legal bounds. You can download roms of 20+ year old games and play them in an emulator on any PC or even smartphones now. But if you get caught, expect a hefty price for the pleasure of playing an ancient, nowhere commercially available, otherwise impossible to get, game because some company that in some cases doesn't even develop video games anymore, has the rights to it somewhere locked away in a safe behind thick layers of spider webs.

But I doubt we can change any of that as long as we have the dumbest morons on earth sitting in high places who think corporations are people...