Will Facebook’s Timeline reveal too much of your past?

Which? Convo: Facebook’s new Timeline, a reverse-chronological profile of your whole history on the social network, will soon roll-out to all users. And most aren’t happy about the presumed privacy implications.

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Speed-Racer2425d ago

No. It was always there. -.-

techie2425d ago

That's ultimately what the post concludes, but there's lots of websites saying different.

Speed-Racer2425d ago

The only different really is that with the old template, you'd have to keep click the view more button, which pretty much could turn off a lot of people from going back to the start. I did it once and it took me about an hour.

techie2424d ago

True, which is all the more reason to look at your privacy settings

2424d ago
Fadetoblack692424d ago

As with everything else, it's their service. If users do not like it they do not have to use the service.

I canceled mine and don't miss it. Personally I think if these companies want to track all this personal information, they should be required to sign a statement saying if that data is ever breached that users have the right to sue them.

If they trust their security enough, they should have no problem doing this; if they don't trust their security enough to do this, then you probably don't want them collecting all this information. ;)

Once we have better, and 100% full-proof systems in place that can't be breached, I'll start using services like this, but we aren't there yet. Our lives are based on our credit ratings so even the slightest threat to identity theft is a risk not worth taking.

SKUD2423d ago

I agree in terms the site collecting statistics of all its users and not protecting the data. Turning it around and selling it to marketing companies to generate revenue.

Lord_Sloth2423d ago

It won't reveal anything as I don't divulge information onto my FB. My friends know who I am and what I look like so I leave it at that.

You don't want some information to resurface? Too bad, this is the internet. Once a picture is posted it's there forever!

C_Menz2423d ago

I don't have a problem with it. It's simple, don't post anything online that you don't want strangers, potential employers, etc to see.