MegaUpload data to be erased by Thursday

What's Hawt: "The US feds have authorized MegaUpload’s hosting providers to go ahead deleting data from its servers as early as Thursday."

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IllusionRSN1912d ago

Well, I think we all knew this was coming... Let's hope it stops here.

ChrisW1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

It won't stop until "millions of innocent users" cease to use such servers for pirating and other illegal things.

fatstarr1911d ago

someone needs to scour the tos. you can sue the us government for this. if you paid for a service and followed the contract you have rights. smh so the FBI went and downloaded all the content they wanted for "evidence"

RonyDean1912d ago


MidnytRain1912d ago

Know he any good ones? I prefer streaming to be honest.

adorie1911d ago

I'm already inside! I have a hungry 5 TB stack sitting on the side here begging to be filled before the U.S Gestapo reaches some of my favs.

stubbed_out1912d ago

The internet will be so much quicker!

kevnb1912d ago

Im sure theres legit stuff there... assholes.

Soldierone1912d ago

PR companies used it every day, I noticed lately they all switched to using YouSendIt which isn't nearly as fast for some reason.

Speed-Racer1912d ago

I know the flight sim community heavily depended on it for larger scale projects. There was a big uproar over at the avsim forums when news came of the shut down. I feel it for those guys, but I do hope they had offline back-ups.

fatstarr1911d ago

I know tons of people that have mega upload accounts for legit and private files and stuff. I laugh and say you have a mega upload account apparently tons of people do.

KidMakeshift1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Torrent sites only seed things that are popular so this really does suck.

Plus, all these other file sharing sites like Fileserve are closing shop for the most part.

Fuck our government! Now all the obscure music, movies, anime, etc. that I like is now impossible to get ahold of because: 1. the stuff is out of print or never received a public release or 2. is overpriced by the lack of an import market in america.

so to reiterate, FUCK OUR GOVERNMENT and fuck that Jim Sterling looking fat idiot for using American servers!

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The story is too old to be commented.