What Does One Petabyte Of Storage (And $500K) Look Like?

Tom's Hardware: "We all know what a megabyte is, and gigabytes are familiar as well. Terabytes were more recently folded into our vocabulary. But there’s a good chance that many enthusiasts still haven't wrapped their minds around the idea of a petabyte.

In short, we’re talking about one thousand terabytes, or enough space for 20 000 Blu-ray movie rips."

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Frederick_Bryant1733d ago SpamShow
kingPoS1733d ago

I'm sure sites like youtube & amazon have invested in hardware like that plenty of times.

Hozi1733d ago

Well, I welcome new hardware and would love to see this "petabyte" become a reality.

Speed-Racer1733d ago

Ask Facebook, they know about those kind of sizes.

GrumpyVeteran1733d ago

One day, all of that will be just one normal sized HDD and be under $200.

One day.

Hozi1732d ago

I welcome that that day with open arms :P