Microsoft Will Pay AT&T Staff Who Recommend Windows Phones Over Android And iPhone

hackslurp-"See the evil Balmer above ? Ya that is what Microsoft is turning into, E-V-I-L !!

Microsoft owns only 2.7% of the smartphone market. No matter how hard had they been pushing their devices up the chute Microsoft is not getting anywhere better, soon.

In a latest attempt, Microsoft has set aside a budget of $200 Million for their latest scheme. They will pay $10-$15 to every AT&T employee who will just recommend Windows Phone over Android or iOS."

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Crazyglues2361d ago

If you can't beat them, then pay someone to help you cheat... -yeah sounds like just another day at Microsoft.

Ravenor2361d ago

Can't really see how this is cheating, perhaps you've just never had the pleasure of working in a retail setting. Anyhow, if you hadn't noticed WP7 has very little presence in stores and just mind share in general this is just about incentivizing AT&T employee's to plug something.

Serg2361d ago

Well, the product apparently can't sell itself, so in order to make it sell, Microsoft hands out bribes. How is this not cheating? It may be allowed but it's still cheating. Microsoft always does something like that. They release mediocre products and just buy out the competition or circumvent a direct confrontation, like using bribery to "make" people buy their crap.

joex2361d ago

Evil? everything Microsoft does is "evil". Pathetic

altairahmad2360d ago

Recently that is what Microsoft has been doing.

SKUD2360d ago

LOL @ Balmer pic. However he is walking cancer for MS. The guy is extremely awkward to see and listen too during there conferences. Don't expect MS to turn things around while he's still there.

contra1572360d ago

Windows phone is going to need all the help they can get . No one wants one that I know well besides one person.

eye no toe fu2356d ago

Well for starters, maybe......just maybe windows phone would've gotten some footing had they decided to update/support the phones that were capable of running WP7 prior to its release *cough* HD2 *cough*. Many owners of that phone gave MS the big FU by running the android OS.
-my 2