iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen expected this summer

Josh Lowensohn, CNET:

"Citing a "reliable source at Foxconn in China," Apple-focused blog 9to5Mac says Apple's got a handful of sample devices for the next iPhone "floating around," and that based on previous production scheduling, the company could be looking to release a new model this summer."

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contra1572429d ago

If a 3.5 inch iPhone can sell so many, imagine 4inch

NewMonday2429d ago

holding on my 3g till areal upgrade like this comes, and will get the Xperea Ion once it comes worldwide

mcstorm2429d ago

I have a feeling apple are not going to give anyone a bigger screen than 3.5 and it will be the same with the Ipad format they will not make it wide screen. But no matter what Apple do they will still sell millions of them.

Kwertie2429d ago

Don't mind me, I'm just enjoying my 4.3" screen from May 2011. Step it up apple. LOL

TwistedMetal2428d ago

the bigger the screen the more its gonna drain the battery also the bigger the screen the bigger the device. Iphone is already the perfect size its small yet feels big when you are up close to it. This is a phone not an ipad guys.

Daver2428d ago

iphone could have a bigger screen without making the device bigger.

krazykombatant2428d ago

then the apple fans will buy it up, "this is going to revolutionize the smartphone world with bigger touchscreens...... -__-"

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