100-core processor created by MIT, to be released later this year

NRM: "We sit here as consumers, feeling content with quad-core processors in our computers (or maybe eight, if you are feeling particularly greedy). But 100 processors on a single chip? That's exactly what silicon manufacturer Tilera has done, and it's coming later this year."

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Hozi1779d ago

I want it now!!!! I wonder how much it will cost....

Hozi1778d ago

I just saw this and all of a sudden 100 cores doesn't really excite me.I want this 1000 core Processor!

ninjahunter1778d ago

Jesus tits.....
Pardon my english.

jonesy8521778d ago

Are you implying that Jesus was obese?

ninjahunter1778d ago

Nope, Its an expression, Like "Holy crap"

ThirstyforFanta1778d ago

@ninjahunter, he was joking..

Titanz1778d ago

Just kidding (would be cool, though).

ninjahunter1778d ago

Haha, Hit me up with that $10,000 Console

nepdyse1778d ago

Awesome chip, awesome electricity bill.

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