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Jonathan Coulton Destroys The Rationale Behind The Megaupload Seizure With A Single Tweet :With Megaupload seized by the feds and everyone else even slightly involved seized by Anonymous, man-without-a-label Jonathan Coulton stepped into the breach and tweeted what we all only wish we were thinking: (If you can't read it, Coulton said: "Any other musicians notice that ever since they shut down MegaUpload, the money has just been POURING in?")

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Blaine2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Well said about people illegally downloading an album =/= no sale.

And the opposite is also true (no download =/= sale): I used to download a lot of movies, I confess. Then my ISP sent me a warning saying that they caught me downloading a file illegally, and that if I persisted I could be sued. Since then, I haven't downloaded a single movie. And you know what? I HAVEN'T BOUGHT A SINGLE ONE EITHER. I used to buy movies when I downloaded others. Now, I just don't watch movies anymore.

And back to the original point: I looked everywhere in store for the Silent Comedy album, Common Faults, but I just couldn't find it. I'd love to give these guys my money, but I had to download their album because I couldn't find it in store (fuck iTunes). But you know what? 1. If I ever come across it in a store, you can bet I'll buy it instantly; and, 2. If they ever hold a concert near where I am, you can bet I'll be there. All because I downloaded their album illegally.

Speed-Racer2342d ago

Wow is this tweet now getting around, lol. Anyway, a very valid point. I rather make my own music than pay for 3/4 of the crap on the market. Sometimes an entire album might have just one good song, so why should I shell out for 12 other crap tracks to listen to one good song (this is assuming it's not on iTunes and Amazon etc.) Also there are many countries that don't even have any or full access to digital libraries, so F*** the police.

On a side note, I read that Kim Dotcom could actually walk if they can;t extradite him to the united stated. I hope that happens.

BlackTar1872342d ago

LOL yea man i never seen such a good list of why stealing is okay in my life.
Maybe you should take that to people who care and im sure they would totally agree lol.

They will get the extradition.

Speed-Racer2342d ago

I can see why you are mad about what I said, but at the end of the day, the only people really profiting from all this are the labels, not so much the artists themselves. Sure they ride around in Mercedes and stuff, but the whole controversy behind SOPA was how the labels wanted to gouge the market under the false pretext of trying to protect the artists against piracy.

SnakeCQC2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

the one or two good song thing happens to me all the time i have an itunes library of over 1600 songs and i only like roughly 20% of them the rest is fluff i have bought hundreds of albums over the years

kingPoS2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

What if ebay, retail amazon or cloud music didn't have the Santogold album. Hmm what's a guy to do in a situation like that.

fatstarr2337d ago

the sarcasm in this lol. I wont really comment on this.

lol this is gonna hurt the industry more than piracy will.

whos that obscure artist? oh Idk oh well back to main stream crap.

lets just keep making people like jay z richer. lol whats "50k to a N___ like me can you please remind me?"