Amazon's Kindle 'Most Unused' Christmas Gift

NRM: "Despite surging in popularity throughout 2011 – a year that included Amazon announcing we would be seeing an array of new models, including a quite impressive tablet, the Kindle Fire – Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader has topped an online discount website’s survey revealing last Christmas’ most ‘unused’ gifts. This comes after it was announced in late-2011 that Kindle sales were expected to be around the 5 million mark for the year."

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C_Menz2433d ago

I bought my Mother a Kindle 2 years ago for Christmas. At first she didn't really "get it" or use it that much. Then towards this past summer she finally made the switch and loves it.

She can "rent" a book for free every month since she is on my Prime account and loan books between her and her friends which is a cool option. Ever since she hasn't touched a paper book.

The biggest obstacle is getting someone who is used to a book to realize that a Kindle might be an easier/cheaper option for them.

Sillyace922433d ago

Not to mention, infinitely more convenient as well, instead of carrying all those books or having them sit around taking up space, you just have a device that has all your books.

mamotte2431d ago

And it's eco-friendly :D

gaden_malak2432d ago

Unused? How dumb are people to not use these magical devices?

SquishyGorilla2432d ago

Agreed. Maybe not on the 'magical' description lol; but I've found it difficult to put it down.

cjflora2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

OMG I love my Kindle so much. If people aren't using them, they need to get their heads checked.