Windows Phone overtakes Apple iOS by 2015?

Athima Chansanchai, MSNBC:

"Nokia is not only pinning its hopes for renewed relevancy with its first 4G LTE Windows Phone, the Lumia 900, it could also break the smartphone operating system deadlock and propel Windows Phone ahead of iOS."

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Shackdaddy8362370d ago

I asked some of my colleagues at work about the windows phone and they didn't even know it existed. I highly doubt it will overtake Apple's phones in only 3 years...

mcgrottys2370d ago

maybe if windows 8 tablets are a hit then windows phones will be as well.

gamernova2369d ago

Android will. Windows 7 phone...that I am not too sure about; even with the windows 8 system that is allegedly for all things Microsoft.

scrambles2369d ago

If apple doesnt step up their game theyll easily be taken over in the next 3-5 yrs. android phones 1-2 yrs ago have been able to do what the iphone 4s does now.

gamernova2369d ago

Definitely. However, apple is more like a religion; people will stay loyal just because of the brand more than the actual specs. When one even think of a Mac owner, one must automatically assume that they know nothing about over clocking and things that a PC guy would. It all comes down to a religious type of affiliation at the end.

Rhythmattic2368d ago

Yep, only apple users are religious in their beliefs.... /s

FFS, get a life.

bahabeast2369d ago

i really like the o/s of windows phone 7 but after having suck bad experiece with samsung focus i stepped away from it, mabe in near future ill get another one. IMO windows phone 7 it looks sexy its smoothe and more open than apple products app store just need more support.

mcgrottys2369d ago

get a lumia 900 when it comes out, I tried out the 800 when I was with relatives in ireland and loved it and the 900 should be better. It is a phone you should really consider.

Sobari2369d ago

No one wants to use that crappy Windows Phone OS.