Man accused of stealing Federal Reserve source code worth $9.5M

VentureBeat: "The FBI accused a man of stealing code from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Wednesday. The code is responsible for keeping track of the US government’s finances.

According to a statement by the FBI, a contractor by the name of Bo Zhang admitted to copying code from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) to an external hard drive for later access. Zhang, who was taken into custody Wednesday, explained in a complaint released by the Fed, that he wanted the code for his personal business teaching computer programming. "

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BeastOrange2433d ago

The best security guys are sometimes the best thiefs, in this case it seems the Reserve was just plain negligent and got egg on its face. Point goes to Bo Zhang for exposing a weak ass security.....

Syko2433d ago

The FBI never takes kindly to any "Comprimise", Hell Kevin Mitnick hacked the FBI from payphones. Told them about the glaring security hole and was tossed in Prison with a parole stipulation of never touching ANY PC again. (It was later lifted, but still)

FBI Don't Play Hackers. Flirtin' with fire lol

FlashXIII2432d ago

Mate, I could write a 10,000 word essay on all the wrong doings in the Kevin Mitnick story. Ultimately it goes to show the fear and just how far people in power are willing to go try control that fear.

BeastOrange2433d ago

Nobody likes being showed how inadequate they are. Some just have more pull.