Anonymus take down Department of Justice, RIAA, MPAA, Universal Music Earlier today the sites Megaupload and Megavideo were shut down by ICE, a federal group responsible for working with and shutting down groups that pirate media illegally – in retaliation the hacker collective known as Anonymous have shut down the RIAA, the MPAA, Universal Music, and the United States Government site, belonging to the Department of Justice. These hits have been confirmed by several anonymously run “official” Anonymous sources such as twitter accounts @Anonops, @AnonymousIRC, and @YourAnonNews, and were likely planned in advance.

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Speed-Racer2373d ago

A shame this might do nothing to get the ICE team to reverse their decision.

Syko2373d ago

Manwhile UltraUpload and UltraVideo will be up tomorrow.


zag2373d ago

When they take down a site they get given the domain and the IP address so the site can't come back up again so easy.

Speed-Racer2373d ago

I think me meant another organization might spring up tomorrow. Happens all the time. Fileserve, filesonic, filejungle, get the drift.

KingPin2373d ago

its causes like these that make me support Anonymous.
i was against the whole taking down of PSN coz that affected innocent users of the service as well as the company itself.

Anyone here watches a show called MTV Cribs?

yeah after watching that shit i dont feel bad about pirating.

fight4lov2373d ago

Yea I support them as well.

zag2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Anom only DDoS sites and it won't bring it back up.

Once ICE have it, it's gone.

Simple as that, The US gov won't care or be worried about a DDoS much anyway as they only last for a little while.

When I last looked at the FBI site over 6 hours ago it was up and running fine.

mcgrottys2372d ago

anon is doing the equivalent of dropping a load on someones door step. Anon are not the people who started the whole anti SOPA. They were not the ones that got millions to join in protest. And they are not going to be the ones that stop sopa. The people who are going to stop SOPA are those like you me and anyone else who cares. If we were able to get this far without having to DDOSing then why the heck to we need it now. I do not support ANON at all, we may agree on some things but they have just done more harm than good. besides on this issue we don't need to hide behind masks to protest. So why should you bother supporting Anon and not the others actually making progress.

I may agree with anon that sopa is bad but I do not support them at all. DDOSing is not the answer.

Getowned2372d ago

Go Anonymous!!! take all of them SOPA A-Holes down!!!.. Fight for your rights,no one will speak for you,everyone should do their part in protecting the world wide web because it belongs to all of us.sign if you haven't, I have sent emails my self and I try to do my part.Speak up and together we can make a difference and destroy SOPA!!!!

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