Rob Lowe: Foolish Rumor Monger Or Twitter-Savvy PR Genius?

ReadWriteWeb: "We love the NBC cult-hit Parks & Recreation which features Rob Lowe as a hyper-healthy and super-enthusiastic city manager, so we're always a little concerned when we hear rumors that the show may get canceled.

So, against that backdrop we got a little suspicious when Lowe, just ahead of a Thursday appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show and the Saturday premiere of a Lifetime movie he's starring in, tweeted that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was going to retire after missing the entire 2011 season."

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BeastOrange2434d ago

If anyone is interested look at what Irsay tweeted back as a response. "Four finger circus clowns"..........I dount Rob Lowe is even able to capitalize from his twitter streak.