Google claims 90 million Google+ users, 60% active daily

Ars Technica: "n today's earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page said Google Plus now has 90 million users, and that the vast majority are active either daily or weekly.

"There are over 90 million Google+ users, well over double what I announced just a quarter ago," Page said. "Plus users are very engaged with our products. Over 60 percent of them engaged daily and 80 percent engaged weekly." The increase in usage, no doubt, is due in large part to Google making Plus links a prominent part of search results, and integrating the social network into Google Apps, Gmail, Picasa, and, well, just about everything Google makes."

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_Q_2369d ago

Nice. I have to say it's easier to saty connected with the like-minded and it's better integrated into my interwebs services I know and love. I guess I turned a bit Goog fanboy..Meh FB sells your info to the Chinese!