Discuss: Are you happy to help fix your friends' computers?

PCA: According to a recent Newspoll study, more and more 'tech heads' are downplaying their skills to avoid helping friends and family with their assorted computer woes. The fake luddites have arrived.

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KingPin2435d ago

i dont mind helping em with their pcs. but at the same time i always try to explain what im doing and show them how to fix it if they ever have problems.

this actually gives them confidence to actually try themselves first knowing if anything goes wrong im there to help em fix it.

its been a while since i had to actually sit long hours re-installing windows for them

mcstorm2435d ago

I dont mind helping people but I find after you have helped them once they then pass this info onto other people and say I know some one who can fix computers and they will help you and you then get a phone call or a text to say my friend or someone I know at work is having a problem with there and ive said you would help them. This is the kind of thing I dont like or if they cant do something rather then try and find the info them selfs they ring me.

I work in IT so I get people calling me all day every day with pc problems and the last thing I want is to get home and have people asking me to fix there problems for them after a day or week of doing it.

But tbh its not just IT this happens in anyone who has a job that is something to do with normal life they always get asked if they can fix this problem for them.