NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 to release in February A rumour from Chinese forums Chiphell suggests that NVIDIA has pulled in the release of GeForce GTX 680 from the original plan of March/April to as early as late February.

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hiredhelp2320d ago

Dont pile this one me now.
listen i heard the nvidia gpu's comming end the year now this.
Im just gonna head over to AMD again with there new line cards after having soo many issues with nvidia firmware updates and gtx 560's.

wow man i hope this aint true my heads in a spin now.

dexus2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I personaly also think that it is too early for nVidia.
To decide if we go the RED or GREEN road we all need to see test results :)
And currently the red one seems the most powerful.

hiredhelp2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

At the moment im all for red cant buy till march but 7970 defo taken my intrest however by end this month the 7950 be launched from what ive seen there not too shabby eaither,
Still 3gb cards.

dexus2319d ago

I await small price drop on 7970 once 7950 will be out and it depends on the price of 7950.
Though the cards will be so similar and probably unlockable to full 7970.

hiredhelp2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I pritty certan the 7950 is from £300 $350-$400

BTW love the disagrees you muppett not you dexus lol.

wjbjnr2320d ago

Is it me or the site just won't open! I've been trying to open the link for so long time.

ninjagoat2319d ago

I've been holding out for Nvidias card i preper there products. Till ATI gets a PhysX solution up and running im not interested.

Theres just something about knowing im spending £400 on a card and knowing ill have less features that i don't like doing.

I go that bit more and if it means just having some extra paper floating around a level well be it.

Sobari2317d ago

I've been sticking with NVIDIA due to PhysX and 3D Vision, so I'm glad to hear that their next gen GPUs might be coming early.