Ballmer: ‘We’ve got to beat’ Apple anyway, so let’s build retail stores right next to them

Cooler tech, more energy, higher profit—the Microsoft CEO is out to prove Steve Jobs wrong and make Redmond relevant

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Anarki2436d ago

Logic fail. Microsoft aren't as important to the world as they used to be. In a world that is getting even more so dominated by Android and Apple, sooner or later, Windows will become obsolete.

SKUD2436d ago

Ballmer is cancer for MS.

mcstorm2435d ago

Ms have been top of he tree for along time amd you cant be at the top for ever. Apple amd android have now become the top dogs but again this will not last for ever and with ms now changing as a company with the metro ui i see them becomming top dogs again until apple or android change something and they become top again. This is how the industry works and will carry on working.

Strange_Evil2435d ago

Boy do I want to punch his face every time I see it!!

mcgrottys2431d ago

after watching the CES keynote I honestly thought he was senile... or maybe had dementia.