Drug that may keep you sober no matter how much you’ve drank

What's Hawt: "Scientists are working on converting a Chinese extract into a pill that can keep you sober throughout the night."

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Speed-Racer2194d ago

Gonna either be a gem or spell death for the bartender.

fr0sty2193d ago

I see a lot of alcohol poisoning OD's as a result of this.

evolution542193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

And what exactly is the point of drinking if not to get loose and catch a buzz?

smartmart2193d ago

For people trying to get over alcoholism. The DHM rats behavior shown they were less prone to drink the alcoolized solution than control. So, by taking this drug, you defeat both the craving of the buzz and the effects caused by alcohol. This could be really helpful in a therapy amongst the usual tools used.

Also, the potential to win drinking contests ;).

RememberThe3572193d ago

Or, like frosty said above, could make you accidentally poison yourself.

smartmart2193d ago

this won't surely become a recreational, available over-the-counter drug for a Friday night out. I can't see it legally used other ways than within a structured rehabilitation program with medical support.

This kind of stuff is deadly "as is". The effect caused by abusive alcohol intake is a way your body is trying to keep you away from it! Disable those mechanisms are you are good for an eternal underground tour in box.

RememberThe3572193d ago

I completely, used properly this could help a lot of people. I'll hold my breath and see how it works in reality, because there are some issues they don't mention. For instance, reducing the effect of alcohol don't in effect reduce the craving. So this could be helpful, like you mention, as a part of a therapy.

frelyler2193d ago ShowReplies(1)
Baka-akaB2193d ago

Not to mention that some people only like the taste of a few alcohols and would be quite happy without the after effects .

Now problem is , it seems to only mask its most obvious effects ... what of the rest and damages to the liver ?

Shackdaddy8362193d ago

A lot of people are like that actually. No one wants to be that one guy in the party...

Wintersun6162193d ago

"DHM works by preventing alcohol from having the usual effects on bodies, no matter how much is in the blood stream."

But is it still possible to get an alcohol poisoning or something from that?

Speed-Racer2193d ago

yep, and with a higher chance as well..given that the function to warn you of your drunken state is now disabled.

ThirstyforFanta2193d ago

Pretty much destroys the purpose of drinking Alcohol with friends..

bub162193d ago

what about alcoholics, people in rehab, a beer that doesn't get you drunk. people in hospital who drank to much and are a pain for doctors, by the looks of it. the drug fights the alcohol in the blood sobering you up

Speed-Racer2193d ago

It doesn't fight the alcohol itself. It blocks the receptors that react to alcohol, so your blood stream could be all alcohol for all I care and your body still won't detect it. Your liver won't thank you though.

FlashXIII2193d ago

If nothing else it'll make for some great psychology experiments.

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