Editorial: The Android design guide is not enough. Close the OS

NRM: "So the Head of design at Android, Matias Duarte, officially unveiled the Android design guide via a live Q&A session on The Verge: a set of in-depth guidelines for app developers and OEMs alike to keep within sync of the design language in Ice Cream Sandwich. Instantly, this is already a much better direction, with an aim of ecosystem defragmentation in mind; but then we began to think of what we thought to be the failings of Android phones we have owned in the past."

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Vames2375d ago

The OS doesn't need to be closed, and they should ever do that it would backfire.

Speed-Racer2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Not a chance. The whole success of Android was based on it's Open Source component. That's why so many people jumped the iPhone ship. If this ever happens, I will go back to my old iPhone.

Brawler2374d ago

He was saying close the modification of the crappy skins like touchwiz sense,Motorola and lg's skins. And keep the hardware similar and on same update pattern.

I agree with most of that touchwiz,sense and the others get in the way of the beauty that is ICS.

fatstarr2373d ago

they shouldnt close it just give the option for default android.