Apple may release television

Erin Kelly, WTOL:

"At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, the electronics world is getting together to see the newest items in the industry.

This year's hot topic: Televisions."

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Mikefizzled2443d ago

Apple are just trying to be a combination of Sony and Microsoft

Fel082443d ago

And what's wrong with that? if it will bring more money to them. more power to them.

Mikefizzled2442d ago

Apple's business plan I, Personally, find digusting.

contra1572443d ago

This was already set in the future. Televisions were going to turn into devices like this. Apple might just beat the competition to the market first just like the tablet

Reborn2441d ago

Well, using your iPhone, or iTouch/Pod as a remote. Get what you see on the big screen, on a smaller screen on your tablet/other Apple devices streamed, etc.

It can work, and knowing Apple. They sure are probably considering it.