Anonymous To “Destroy” Sony’s Online Network for SOPA Support

PlayStationLifeStyle: With Sony’s online service hacked and brought down earlier in the year by internet activists Anonymous, gamers everywhere suffered from the downtime of the PlayStation Network and its subsequent hack. Unfortunately, if you thought that it was all over, then you’d sadly be wrong – Anonymous seems to have declared war on Sony, again.

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gaffyh2672d ago

Damnit, I thought this sh*t was over. I don't agree with SOPA, but I don't agree with this either. As your mother always said to you, two wrongs don't make a right.

AHall882672d ago

Looks like Anonymous spoke to soon?
How about they go after the UFC for supporting SOPA? Would make about as much sense as anything else they do/plan to do.

GilesCorey2672d ago

omg noooo another ddos "hack." Nothing is going to happen.

DivineHand1252672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

If this is anonymous's way of justice then it is falsely directed at people who are not involved with SOPA. Sony, Nintendo and Electronic Arts dropped support of the proposed bill after realizing the consequences of the bill.


Also even if Sony was involved with the bill and Anonymous successfully brought down Sony's online network, It would not help anybody. Many jobs would be affected by this attack and it would make it difficult for Sony to create jobs in the future because last time Sony had to spend $171M USD to bring the service back up.


thebudgetgamer2672d ago

I would respect them if they went after terrorist websites.

tarbis2672d ago

Why would they attack one of their own?

D3mons0ul2672d ago

You mean like all of the official government websites? (Watch where that takes you)

For dyslexic people...well, you'll see the point of this right away.


meganick2672d ago

Holy crap. That takes you right to the NSA website.

arjman2672d ago

That site was created in order to fool people into thinking its real

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The story is too old to be commented.