Astronomers conclude Earth has a second moon

New Rising Media: "A study conducted by Cornell University astronomers has concluded that Earth must have a second moon, calculated via counting the population of "irregular natural satellites that are temporarily captured by Earth." This has also been backed up by a sighting of one of these 'orbiters' by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona.

In the research paper titled "The population of natural Earth satellites," conclusions are made around a set of secret moons which disappear faster than you can say 'that’s no moon, that’s a temporarily captured orbiter of a few metres in diameter.'"

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RurouniKaze1983d ago

I dont get it so much either .. how can they conclude it MUST have 1 if only the conditions are met on a temporary basis

Guitardr851983d ago

I think they are saying that due to the regularity of capture incidents, there is something that is orbiting earth that is causing this periodic and predictable gravitational anomaly.

RBdrift1983d ago

Say whoa?!?!

Max Power1983d ago

This is old, watch "How the Universe Works" episode 8 "Alien Moons" at 23 minutes on Netflix, they talk about this.

aDDicteD1983d ago

nice info,, going to watch it

cyclindk1983d ago

Well no shi$, everybody knows that. It's where Jesus, Santa and the tooth fairy live.

Monolith1983d ago

little big planet is real! news to me