Facebook Britons drunk in 76% of their photo library

New Rising Media: "A study recently showed that adult British users of Facebook said they were drunk in 76% of their Facebook photo collections on their profile.

1,781 Facebook users were polled, and out of them came some rather interesting, yet really unsurprising facts in most cases. 93% said they'd removed their tags on photos they saw to be "too embarrassing.""

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iamnsuperman2404d ago

Really not surprised. I think nearly all my photos I am drunk in them. Its really the only time someone takes pictures and the only other time to take photos is when you travel but that is getting too expensive for most. I ten not to detag my photos but I do not let them go public just for friends. I was forced to by my part time job but glad they made me. Too many jobs search facebook to get an idea of someone but having thousands of photos while drunk isn't the best measure to judge someone.

ThirstyforFanta2404d ago

So you got fired from that part time job?

iamnsuperman2404d ago

No just told to do it. Part of the military and the press jump on it (has done in the past). More of a precaution

Lolrus2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Yes this does not surprise me.

Without trying to sound rude, in british culture with young adults and teenagers, it is getting ''smashed or gassed in the rave'' and looking for loose whoreish women to indulge in animalistic pleasures. As they grow older it morphs into ''getting pissed with the lads down the pub''

It is rife amongst the british and has now become integral and defining the british ways of life.

I say this as a british citizen. Alcohol is very damaging to the society. People argue about moderation but in reality, it really isnt the case. Usually after work on friday nights, going home is like resident evil or the walking dead. I have to pass through a few pubs and people staggering about. Really pathetic. Women are dressed so provocatively and are so vulnerable in their drunken stuper they are inviting themselves to be raped, especially considering the people around them are also drunk, violent and have clouded judgement. its fucking retarded. Its like going to a shower in prison and bending over for prolonged periods of time and exposing your anus to the most notorious prison rapist. Not that I wish rape on the women, but they had it coming and need to be more rsponsible

Whats worse is they gloat about this and are proud to spread it through social networking

GanjaMan2404d ago

Spot on mate and im gona be honest getting 'smashed or gassed in rave' is me all over but have cut down abit since im 18 now. And I dont think people put pictures of themselves all mashed up (well i dont anyway) its usually someone else who takes pictures and shares them on fb and then you try to recall when that picture was taken hahaa