Google’s 3 Top Executives Have 8 Private Jets

TechCrunch-"Wait a minute. The Google execs own eight jets? 2.6 jets per person, for the 2 co-founders and the executive chairman?

In 2007, TechCrunch reported on the Google execs first jumbo jet, a modified Boeing 767 and the controversy it created. (See Search Engine Land’s Guide To The Google Jet for more info.) In addition to the Boeing 767-200, they own two Gulfstream Vs.

Later, in 2007, the team picked up another Boeing, a 757 this time. A NASA lease document with tenant H211 lists those four planes. (PDF: see Exhibit C) Images of the Google jets can be seen here. Despite some fake images appearing around the web, there’s no Google logo on the planes.

In 2008, the New York Times reported they appear to have added a Dornier Alpha fighter jet to their fleet."

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