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Padvance: Top 5 Alarm Clock Apps for iPad

Getting past the annoying fact that Apple removed the built-in alarm-clock functionality, there are loads of great alarm-clock apps for iPad. Padvance's Parisa Vassei lists five of the best and goes through their features.

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spall032196d ago

Why in the world would Apple remove the default alarm clock?!?

rpad2196d ago

That has definitely annoyed the hell out of me.

Speed-Racer2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Because iTampons suck.

thebudgetgamer2195d ago

Check that out a mod that trolls.

Speed-Racer2195d ago

Nah, I'm just mad this whole Padvance team is gaming the system, that's all.

yichen2196d ago

It's just like how the iPad doesn't come with the default calculator app either!

rpad2196d ago

That has bugged me a few times too, though not as badly as the alarm omission.