Unlocked Galaxy Nexus (16GB) At Amazon: Price Too Expensive?

Pinoytutorial: Amazon is now selling Unlocked version of Samsung Galaxy Nexus (16GB) for a price of $759 -- one benjamin higher than pundit's expectation. More details on this report.

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Speed-Racer1999d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

That's the standard pricing for most unlocked units of this type.

FlameBaitGod1998d ago

Yeah and theirs already people trolling on the reviews

rpad1998d ago

That's an import price. Why is that surprising? The product isn't even officially available in America yet.

Crazay1997d ago

I had the opportunity to play with one last week and it's pretty sweet. My phone was ordered last week and should be in tomorrow or Friday(Official launch is tomorrow in Canada).