How To Install Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard

Hackslurp-"I wonder what is left in ICS which has not be copied over in some APK or a ROM. From Market to ringtones, we have seen it all."

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Speed-Racer2287d ago

Looks exactly like my Nexus One keyboard, except it has flat textures.

altairahmad2287d ago

Salute to fellow Nexus One owner ! :D

Strongfist362287d ago

Looks are looks. I'm concerned with the performance.

altairahmad2287d ago

How would you know unless you try ?

Speed-Racer2286d ago

@altair - the ICS performance cannot be replicated on older devices. I was told that the ICS keyboard is now on par with iOS keyboards. Looks are looks, performance is another story.

toaster2286d ago

I'd still take Swiftkey over this. The text prediction is just too damn useful.

dexus2286d ago

works fine on Samsung Galaxy S , tough it did crash the 1st time I had used it.