The REAL cost of Apple's iPhone 4S

DailyMail - It might have underwhelmed the devotees, but sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S topped four million in just three days following last month’s launch, and it’s still the must-have smartphone this winter. Of course, those sleek looks don’t come cheap. Or do they..?

Out of contract, the iPhone 4S will cost you £499, but we can reveal that the nuts, bolts and high-end circuitry inside cost far less – see below for the total.

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kevnb2410d ago

true, but theres r&d, marketing, siri (whether you like it or not), and the os itself.

ATi_Elite2410d ago

I've built Circuit boards for about $5 bucks worth of parts bought at a store and then turned around and sold them for $360 each.

This is how it works.

CynicalVision2410d ago

Like people expected Apple to work any other way.

astar1234567892410d ago

God I hate people, so what it cost x amount, air jorden cost Nike 6 bucks to make in chine but yet they are 100 plus so what you don't like it don't pay it, and what about other phones what do they cost to what you pay! If you want it then pay it if not don't....

Speed-Racer2410d ago

What do you expect from a Daily Mail article. Just trying to stir up drama. Clearly they choose to ignore that businesses need to sell products for more than their cost price to pay for staff, research, marketing and what not.

Jihaad_cpt2410d ago

well Apple hardly need to "market" their product since the product pretty ,much does that automatically. R&D cost for hardware would be nil but maybe software R&D for Siri sure.

Speed-Racer2410d ago

Not really. Download and watch this program. That is why Apple is successful.

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