The ‘Microsoft phone scam’ simply won’t hang up

Which? Conversation: The thing that annoys me most about cold callers is not when they’re out to sell something, but when they’re trying to scam me into handing over my card details. Phone scams are on the up, as your comments prove.

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techspy2375d ago

i know just how you feel. I receive similar calls, too. scammers and telemarketers. i find them both annoying. they never stop. and i realized that even if i go nuts every time they call, there's no stopping them. so i changed my approach and they're not as irritating as before. These people know they're irritating and they don't mind it. Who says I can't do the same? I pull up pranks every time they're on the phone. I got these tips from this site I suggest you check them out.

These people used to get under my skin. But right now, I'm getting under theirs. hahah!