You decide: Is Google’s Schmidt guilty of stealing from Apple?

“Eric Schmidt went public this week with his defense against Steve Jobs’ claim that Google stole the final idea for Android from Apple,”

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ThePundit2350d ago

Eric stole it most probably. And it's good that he did or we would have been stuck with Symbian and the iPhones.

kevnb2348d ago

they steal from each other, just look at all the new features in ios5.

Kurylo3d2347d ago

im more willing to beleive that steve jobs stole this mans ideas. They probably initially decided to work together... then had a disagreement... steve jobs ego probably prevented him in sharing with this man.. so the man just made his own, because it was his idea in the first place. Steve Jobs probably just let his ego get the best of him and didnt like anyone thinking they could compete with him. He has to be the winner.