Adobe’s antiquated Flash obliterated by Apple in Web standards war

“Adobe Systems Inc halted development of its Flash Player for mobile browsers, surrendering to Apple Inc in a war over Web standards as the company surprised investors with a restructuring plan,.

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ThePundit2384d ago

About time somebody did something about that aging piece of code.. I welcome HTML5

contra1572384d ago

Adobe could never fix flash

Speed-Racer2384d ago

They could, but they'd have to start from scratch.

contra1572384d ago

Yea I always wonder why they didn't fix or rebuild instead of playing the blame game

blacktiger2384d ago

you missed the whole point.
Back in the days, when everyone had to install quick time player and windows media player and real player and etc. It was really annoying until Flash Player came out. And it was a lot easier. But now that Iphone came out, instad of admiting that Apple wanted to ban flash in order to save APPS, they instead find Adobe's weakness which was the negative side on flash.

Otherwise Adobe never banned because of poor web player even though flash wasns't great!
Apple only banned so no illegal APPs or free too many games on flash through web.

C'mon, not everyone is stupid!
And please stop bashing everyone like Apple does.
I welcome everyone for better consumer choice!

I welcome HTML 5 too, but before that, Flash was the choice for consumer!