Steve Jobs an Imaginative Dreamer

GFN's BlackBible writes about how Gamers should learn from the life of the late Steve Jobs. He explains the importance of Gamers in the fight against illness. "I wanted to give it some time before I wrote this article out of respect for the late Steve Jobs. I wrote this because I feel that Gamer’s should take Steve’s dead as a sign to be more aware about their health and the health of others. Why? You may wonder, other then the obvious answers, it’s because in a weird way I feel he was one of us, an imaginative dreamer. Don’t get it twisted Gamers are some of the biggest dreamers around; in fact the industry is built on the idea’s of dreams. Think of some of the games you’ve come to love and tell me that it doesn’t take a great imaginative dreamer to create such a thing."

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Speed-Racer2385d ago

Wow ppl just can't shut up about this guy.

blackhammer2384d ago

Agreed. He was dead. And I read some interesting stuff. He was a tweaker. From the article (linked below), he sounds like he was a pretty big a**hole.

I do, though, support the Mr. Blackbible's message that gamers should go to doctors and the gym regularly. I started going to the gym and I started falling asleep way better at night. You're gonna die eventually, best try to and play as many games as possible before croaking.

More comment: Media is milking Steve Job's death. Hilarious.


Yep the guy was trying to hard to be an asshole...a real CEO.