MacBook Pro Question: 13″ or 15″, Which should you Buy?

A compilation of the major differences between the two lines.

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Speed-Racer2417d ago

Hmm the description given by the author is so generic. Wish he had taken the time to be a bit more detailed with his comparisons.

mac4u102417d ago

Better battery thats totally false please visit apples website and see for yourself, thanks

ThePundit2416d ago

Apple also states a lot other stuff like better battery life with Lion, better battery life with iOS et al. Those are just marketing gimmicks.

I've checked out with my 15 and my friends 13 on Lion.

On Snow Leopard, it used to be different because the MBP 13 doesn't have a discrete card. But on Lion that doesn't seem to help the 13 anymore.

contra1572417d ago

It all depends on what your doing and if that screen size is sufficient enough for what you do.

snoop_dizzle2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

At this point, the 13" MBA would probably be a good alternative to the 13" MBP. For starters, you get the higher resolution screen of the 15" (hopefully if the rumored MBP's come next year, that will change), and you get the added benefit of SSD's. Granted, you are limited on the size of SSD you can get, and a slower i5/i7, but speed-wise the SSD makes a big difference. The GPU in both the MBA and 13" MBP are the same integrated one.

I would either go for the 15" MBP for a better balanced laptop or the 13" MBA for portability. I've been eyeing the MBA recently given that it pretty fast for an ultraportable and comes standard with an SSD, which not all ultraportables do.

ngp06192416d ago

I play a lot of games and do some occasional video editing so I'd go for the 15"

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