Mobile malware is the next big threat (apparently)

Which? Convo: It’s Get Safe Online week, and this national online security initiative is warning UK mobile users to be on the look out for malware apps. The question is, do you know anyone who’s been hit by mobile malware?

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fatstarr2385d ago

I would assume this as well, android gives some app the ability to mess with everything on the phone if its coded that way and needs access.

ios isnt safe either,

Shackdaddy8362384d ago

It's safER though. I bet it would be worse if your iphone got malware rather than your android phone however...

_Q_2385d ago

^^^ That's an odd assumption.

KingPin2384d ago

and thats why droids have an app called lookout security. AVG also have an app for android. i use those 2. may not be 100% effective but it does give me some security.