Yellowish Screens, Battery Problems, Siri Outage Plagued the iPhone 4S in the Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks worked out to be not so good weeks for Apple’s newest kid on the block, the iPhone 4S. In case you don’t have a 4S or haven’t been informed, some iPhone 4S users complained about yellowish / washed out tinges to their screens, troubles with their batteries, Siri’s day off.

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Snake-eater2360d ago

but it still hard to get in the shops

appsplit2360d ago

That's the magic of Apple! I chose to wait for #5 instead of upgrading to this one.

Speed-Racer2360d ago

Or you can buy Android :D

GirlsGeneration2360d ago

@Racer-X lol Exactly that's what i say to!

appsplit2359d ago

I am very close for making the switch to be honest... Which handset are you guys using?

dilawer2360d ago

@Racer-X You are right...Android FTW!

TwistedMetal2360d ago

my iphone 4s works perfectly and is the best smart phone. the battery life on iphone 4s is just amazing. I dont have to charge for days and I have 3g on and play games and look at the internet. the iphone experience really is amazing. the only thing that happend to me is siri was down but siri works so good when its up. I text while driving with my voice through siri :P. Its so futuristic. android will never compare to iphone.