Why do MacBook Pros have 5400 rpm HDDs?

Apple's most selling portable Macs, the MacBook Pros, are priced at around 1500$. Yet they come with 5400 rpm harddrives. Why do they do this?

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toaster2414d ago

You can choose to have an SSD. Honestly 5200RPM drives are not bad at all. I am running two WD Caviar Green drives which are supposed to be slower but they seem just as snappy as my Caviar Blacks.

Wintersun6162413d ago

If you can't see a difference between a Caviar Green and Caviar Black, then I come to the conclusion that your use of hard drives must be pretty casual. I saw a day and night difference when I changed the CG to CB in my older computer.

toaster2413d ago

Well to be fair I mostly use the Greens for movies and mass media. All my programs and common media are on the Blacks and of course they will read faster, but I'm saying that the Greens aren't as slow as you would think.

Agent_hitman2413d ago

MACs are the crappiest and the most expensive notebook in the history of Personal computers, Apple inc used to bash Windows PCs in their ads but look at their technology, it is indeed inferior and over priced...

I will never buy that MAcbooks, it's just a waste of money, though if they sell it on the lowest price like 399 I will get one..

RocknRola2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

the day they wld cost 399 wld be the day steve jobs will be back from dead

ngecenk2413d ago

did you even read the news? or you just noticed the 'mac' word on the title and started typing bad words?

ThePundit2413d ago

Your needs are different from others. You might be satisfied with a high-end system that uses half it's system resources to just keep the OS alive - anti-virus, buggy softwares, insanely low battery life. Agreed the same system would let you play games at ultra settings without a sweat.

Macs on the other hand might not have the cutting edge configs, but in terms of productivity they are king. Which is why a lot of people who require that kind of productivity buy it. They are built to last, their battery lasts even longer, and they stay cool.

Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it's crap. If you've never experienced chocolate before, would you think a brownie is a piece of crap?


gapecanpie2413d ago

My brother in law has a MAC and I can honestly say I don't see what the big deal is about it...

To me ... PC = Linx = MAC

I guess Macs wouldn't be so bad if it had more support for it.

RocknRola2413d ago

dude u cleary dont seem to know what you are talking about do you.

bergoo2413d ago

as a graphic designer i disagree with your comment.

SyWolf2413d ago

Not really. Yes they can be more expensive, but their quality is much higher then the average PC. Plus the software is much better optimized for the hardware. If you really don't like OSX, you can install Windows on it too. So you have the ability to use either operating system in a way that is fully supported. In conclusion, you don't know what you're talking about and are simply mirroring what others have told you.

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gdguide2413d ago

The problem is MBPs are supposed to be for power users. Apple knows how to make the biggest profit per unit, gimping certain hardware and glossing it over with beautiful design.

ThePundit2412d ago

Talking about beautiful design, there's a refreshed design slated to come soon with the next late 2012 mbp update. Rumors are thick with mentions about LiquidMetal.

Kaneda2413d ago

Battery life.. 7200 sucks more battery...

Kyur4ThePain2413d ago

Please don't make too much'll hurt some people's heads.

ThePundit2412d ago

7200 rpm hard drives have been found to lower battery life by 15 minutes compared to 5400 hdds. But when you consider the avg mac getting 5 hours of battery life, it doesn't make a lot of difference.