Firefox 8 now available, ahead of official release

Mozilla's Firefox continues to follow its rapid release cycle with its fourth major release since Firefox 4.0 debuted last March. Firefox 8.0 is slated for release tomorrow (Nov 8th), but as usual the final build of the browser has been made available on Mozilla's FTP days in advance.

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Madusha1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

"Specific performance optimizations" - Oh goody. I was encountering a major problem with websites using Ajax loading. The system resources used by Firefox jumps from the normal to about 800MB of RAM! Ridiculous and slows everything down. It better be fixed! =/

Speed-Racer1900d ago

800MB? *pfff* I've been up to 2GB on some occasions.

hiredhelp1900d ago

How the hell you manage to use 2gb of memory usage on motzilla. :-o

Speed-Racer1900d ago

I left the browser open for 15 days LOL

GrumpyVeteran1900d ago

Yeah in previous versions like back with FF4, it used to go near 2GB and then crash. I think it behaves a lot better than it used to.

gaden_malak1900d ago

Are FF releasing new versions each month? I swear this time last year we were on FF4?

KwietStorm1900d ago

It's out of hand. I heard they were doing it to 'stay ahead of developers,' a far as brew versions go, but it's stupid now. Every few months I have to worry about extensions and security breaking, just because they can't they're too cool to do incremental upgrades anymore.

Speed-Racer1900d ago

They are taking a similar approach to Chrome with releases every 3-6 months or something like that. I don't see the point though. Just work on a good one instead of rushing and delivering crap.

Michael-Jackson1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Another version already...

I remember when Firefox releases were rare. But since I stopped using it 2 years ago in favour of Chrome. I lost count on how many releases they had. I think the last one I used was 3 or 4.