Say hello to Cordon, a traffic camera you can’t beat

Peak Gain Systems has developed a new traffic camera that is able to simultaneously monitor up to 4 lanes of traffic without skipping a heart beat.

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IllusionRSN2421d ago

This technology should be utilized in construction zones to catch people speeding more than anywhere else.

Speed-Racer2421d ago

Yea good point. I knew a few construction workers who got injured because of drivers speeding in those zones.

smartmart2421d ago

yeah it is a big problem here too. in a construction zone , i saw an officer today warning a girl three times by waving his hand outside of his car while they were driving side-by-side (she came in real fast from the left lane). as soon as the police car took an exit every driver behind him just sped up like they were on fire (with the lucky no-ticket girl leading trying to keep her first place).

blackhammer2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Would cost a lot of money.

Let's take out some more loans, 'merikuh!

Speed-Racer2420d ago

I'm not sure it does. If anything, it would rake up more tickets, thus resulting in more fines needed to be paid. :P

Tzuno2420d ago

If a car has no plates? hahahahhhhh useless device

Speed-Racer2420d ago

Ummmm ... they blocked out the plates for this video demonstration.

Bereaver2420d ago

Racer, I'm sure he's meaning if a car didn't have plates. Not that the video didn't have plates.

Speed-Racer2420d ago

Ah yes my mistake, but then that would be a whole new ballgame. Let's say you didn't have to put a front plate, face the cam to record the back plate. Otherwise, they'd have to manually check the video. Guess the cops might see it as well :p

The only other solution would be something totally grand such as embedding some kind of tracking device that has the car's registration and specs stored in it...but that's another story.

_Q_2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

@RacerX The could do that by placing a simple barcode style hologram on a windshield. The hologram wouldnt even need to use visible colors.