ASUS to bring out the first Quad-Core Tablet and Smartphone

ASUS is set to launch the first Quad-Core Tegra 3 powered Tablet dubbed as Transformer Prime next week. So, there will be a Quad-Core tablet available in just a few days but what about a Smartphone that uses the power of Quad-Core CPU?

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Software_Lover2059d ago

I believe it. I like the things Asus has been doing over the years. Every pc build, with the exception of my current build, has had an Asus Motherboard as its backbone. But my last 3 cellphones have been samsung so this will be interesting.

dilawer2059d ago

that's right, ASUS is in my PC too ;) but when it comes to mobile phones I really don't trust anyone else except for Samsung and Motorola

lumley6662059d ago

Motorola? Are you joking? Lol there prob the work mobile manufacturer in history lol

Agent_hitman2059d ago

Go! ASUS!, oh BTW my MOBO is asus brand.

dilawer2059d ago

@lumley666 I don't know about you but my experience with Moto has been quite pleasing. and tbh Motorola's Android phones have been quite a success.

plmkoh2059d ago

Yes, especially the soon to be released RAZR phone.

dilawer2058d ago

yes, the Droid RAZR is said to be the thinnest smartphone in the World.

tawak2059d ago

Transformer Prime? did they forgot "optimus" in the middle.

Software_Lover2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Guy in the video is hilarious
Corny, bur hilarious

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