7 Perfect Tips to improve Smartphone Battery Life

Just as the title says, this article lists and explains 10 tips that you can use to improve your smartphone battery life.

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toaster1816d ago

Dimming the display is a big one. On my Desire HD 50% of battery usage is from the display alone.

ThePundit1816d ago

Those big screens on the high-end androids account for most of the battery drain, on the other hand their software is so efficient. I wonder if phones using OLED screens would come out soon. I remember the Nokia N93 had those albeit on the external display.

Madusha1815d ago

Yup, screen brightness is a biggie. Also not playing too many 3D games.

ThePundit1815d ago

which 3d phone do you have? I've heard that the 3d screen gives headaches /strain after extensive use, especially reading text. Is that so?

Speed-Racer1815d ago

But the story says 7 tips, not 10 :S

toaster1815d ago

And BOTH of us approved this. We are horrible.

ThePundit1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Just so that you guys don't remain wrong, I'll see if I can add 3 more tips to it =)
Update: And it's done \m/