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Gaming Desktop casing doesn't get any hotter than Thermaltake's Level 10

This gaming desktop casing looks like it has just been dropped from Skynet.Thermaltake alongwith BMW Group Design works USA have come up with a game-changing gaming desktop casing called the Level 10.

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toaster2423d ago

LOL, what a fitting title. These are notoriously bad at airflow.

RocknRola2423d ago

the compartmentalization could prove to be faulty

toaster2423d ago

Yeah, Corsair tried compartmentalization with the 800D and that was a really bad case for air cooling. Most people who bought it skipped air altogether and went straight to watercooling because the airflow was so bad. This case still looks badass, but cooling performance wise it doesn't compare to even budget cases like the CM 690 II Advanced.

eoinrade2423d ago

1. Old news.
2. I think it looks bad.

SnakeCQC2423d ago

im still going for the corsair 500r which has great reviews and looks awesome!

toaster2423d ago

I'm getting a 650D soon but the 500R should be a fine case,but that is to be expected with Corsair. You get the top notch production quality of the Corsair brand along with a low price. The Carbide series are a win in my book.

hiredhelp2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Replace the fans with faster rpm's noctua very good xigmate also.
If you planning on buying a water kit for cpu ready done like a corsair h50 and upwords replace agan the fans with better ones do a push pull config. Happy days. Corsair great cases love them. But in the end i got coolermaster haf x very cool temps. But i do like the the corsair series. Great design cable tidy,spacious plenty for vga support. Hotswap bays ect ect.

SnakeCQC2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

im never going to replace that 200mm fan on the side(looks too awesome) and a friend who has it said it doesnt need much cooling to keep it cold to the touch but im going to add h100 and maybe another intake fan next to the psu

jozzah2423d ago

I've got one of the level 10 gt's or whatever it is, the second model. It's amaaaazing.

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