Cloud gaming has arrived and is here to stay

The path taken by music and movies have been adopted by gaming as well but this time around there is gonna be more thrills and excitement than ever.

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Gondee2301d ago

I use online, works perfect on a decent connection. Using it here on A&M campus =P

RocknRola2301d ago

THe onlive app does require a shader 2.0

toaster2301d ago

I am still a little hesitant when it comes to cloud gaming. Mostly it has to do with Internet connection, where I live it is not easy to find a good connection so streaming games would be an issue.

Speed-Racer2301d ago

I have a 150-200ms ping ... sucks so hard when I'm gaming, especially in P2P lobbies.

RocknRola2301d ago

but considering one has a gud internet connection,, the requiremens to play a game reduces and is thus cost effective countering the expense of a gaming desktop or laptop.

RocknRola2301d ago

same goes gor me i live in india and the connection speed speed here is horrible

ngp06192296d ago

I have decent speeds so I think its great. I don't have to a spend tons of cash on high-end PC's/Macs to game but I'd like a Mac anyway