What went wrong with Siri

Computerworld - Siri may be the most prominent feature on the iPhone 4S, but in truth it's only partly "on" your phone, as a network-related outage this past Thursday demonstrated. iPhone 4S users were cut off from their virtual assistant, their queries answered only by messages that Siri could not make a network connection.

The outage, first reported by VentureBeat, lasted the better part of the day, with service restored inconsistently throughout the early evening. When contacted, Apple did not offer comment.

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illmatic2418d ago

I am constantly having problems with Siri. When it works, it's good. Hopefully Apple irons out all the bugs soon

mcstorm2417d ago

This proves they rushed out to make it a selling point for the iphone 4s as they known the iphone is starting to fall behing the rest of the pack in terms of what it offers out of the box for its price.
It is a good idea but still not goodenough to be on the phones yet this is why apple have called it a beta. Ill take tellme over this at the moment.

kevnb2417d ago

Nothing, except maybe the marketing was way overboard for something we already had. Especially since its not that useful for most of us.

TheIneffableBob2417d ago

You can tell Apple rushed it out. Apple rarely ever releases things in beta. But they needed to for Siri to make it a selling point for the iPhone 4S. Without Siri, all the 4S would have would be an upgraded camera and faster processor.