Top 5 Note-Taking Apps for iPad

Padvance's Parisa Vassei covers five of the best note-taking apps for the Apple iPad. She writes, "The iPad is a wonderful tool for note-taking, whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom. With the ability to use its native keyboard, one of the many available Bluetooth keyboards, or one of the available stylus tools that enable you to write directly onto the screen, the options for note-taking are endless."

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spall032422d ago

as a grad student I'm very interested in note-taking apps. I used to use CourseNotes until it crashed on me during an iOS update :(

yichen2422d ago

Another note taker I'd recommend would be Noteshelf. I like it better than Penultimate as there are more templates, features and more intuitive to use.

Madusha2422d ago

Nothing too big in this list. The original iOS notes app is very similar to the 'Notability' app...only it doesn't have such an advanced user interface. My personal favorite would have to be the "Notebooks" app which is not on the list. It provides great options if you are using it for studying purposes. For quick notes I recommend 'aNote'.

rpad2421d ago

I like Catch. It doesn't have the most features, but it does what I want it to do across PC, iOS, and Android.