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From Android to iOS: I Couldn't Find Gmail in the App Store


"I remember a friend who underwent a switch between mobile OSs. His particular situation involved switching from iOS to Android 2.1. One of his particular complaints was that he was unable to find what he wanted in the Android Market. At the time, I could only agree with him. Only the “popular” stuff would show up during a search. Since then, the Android Market has evolved."

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Speed-Racer2398d ago

You mad bro?

but seriously, just wait a few more days?

Strongfist362398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Wait a few more days for the Gmail app? I have it already. I eventually found a link online to the app store, and had to email it to myself to use it since I was unable to find it in the App Store, not because it wasn't in there, but because it didn't show up through any of the App Store's navigation.

At any rate, why should I have to wait? I thought iOS "just works"?

Strongfist362398d ago

That still doesn't explain why I was unable to find it BEFORE it was removed from the market. If it is removed from one part of the market, it should be removed from all parts.