Ubuntu going mobile, would you buy it?

Mark Shuttleworth has announced plans to take the Ubuntu platform to mobiles, tablet devices, television sets and smart screens.

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RonyDean2395d ago

This is pretty cool! Let's hope they do something different with it.

toaster2395d ago

Yeah, I guess the big issue is how do you differentiate your software against Android, iOS, and Mango without it feeling done before. That will be a big challenge with Ubuntu mobile.

Speed-Racer2395d ago

It would have to be something huge, like mind reading capabilities because the market is heavily entrenched in the Android/iPhone/Windows market.

fatstarr2395d ago

same here, the market is thick on mobile.

windows mo
nokias os

Satish132394d ago

Well its the linux of the mobile world, so unless you're a programmer its not too much of a use for you. but for those that knew what they're doing with ubuntu, you can have probably "thee" most open/ customizable software for a mobile device. It probably has the most potential, unfortunately Apple's iPhone already makes it easy for users to do pretty all they need to, and very conveniently. But this is not a money grab, its basically for linux users to have that option now.